Non-Financial Assistance

1. Partnership

Partnership with your organisation would enable the girls to:

- gain experience in different careers through tailor-made holiday internship programmes available at your organisation

- gain exposure to various industries by means of special projects developed especially for the girls within your organisation

- be groomed, developed and mentored within alliance organizations

- see women performing and being leaders within the different fields and industries within Your organisation

2. Mentorship

Employees could, if they so wish, dedicate at least 3 hours per quarter, to do one of the following:

- Participate in a mentorship programme

- Address and motivate the girls at the Saturday gathering(s)

- Impart some skills and expertise to the girls

- Attend, facilitate or assist one of the Saturday/holiday activities

3. Donation of goods, services or skills

Organisations, groups or individuals can volunteer their goods, skills and services to FOTAD either pro bono or subsidised, whether as an individual or an organisation. Irrespective of the industry from which the donor comes, the donation of services is highly valued at FOTAD. Please contact us should you wish to donate your goods, skills or services to the work of FOTAD.

4. Volunteer

An individual can volunteer to be a tutor, a specific activity organisor or co-ordinator. We welcome volunteers who have to agree to a MOU in terms of the services they will offer to FOTAD. Please contact us should you wish to participate in any of the below or other volunteer activities. The areas for which volunteers are needed are:

A) Maths and/or Science tutor for grade 8s. This will require a regular commitment of Saturday mornings (9am - 1pm)

B) English language tutor for all grades (Grade 8 - 12). This will require one Saturday afternoon commitment per month (1h30pm - 4h30pm)

C) A trainer/facilitator for debating and/or public speaking workshops. This will require one Saturday afternoon commitment per month (1h30pm - 4h30pm)

D) We welcome offers to run additional FOTAD complimentary workshops for our girls.