Provide Financial assistance

All donations made are tax deductable, as FOTAD is a registered NPO and public-benefit organisation (s18A) organisation, and thus has tax exemption status, and a tax exemption certificate is issued for all funds received.

1. Donation/sponsorship of girls to participate in the 2011 programme

There are 50 girls in each chapter. A company/individual can sponsor any number of girls to be on the annual FOTAD programme.

2. Programme specific donation/sponsorship

The different FOTAD programmes, per girl, are:

1) Maths and Science programme

2) Lifeskills programme

3) Leadership programme

A company/individual can sponsor/donate any combination of the programmes for any number of girls.

3. Payment options

Payments can be made via EFT, Cheques or Debit order over various periods, namely

a) Once-off

b) Annually / Bi-annually

c) Quarterly / Monthly

d) At pre-determined intervals

e) Annually / Bi-annually

4. FOTAD Membership

Groups or individuals can become a member of the FOTAD Membership club, where they can sponsor a girl(s), or determine an amount they will donate on a monthly, debit order basis for increased flexibility. Here the donor will know exactly which girl they are sponsoring.