Welcome to the Future of the African Daughter

The Future of the African Daughter project (FOTAD) is a girl-child development project for girls aged 12 to 19 years who come from previously disadvantaged areas, namely rural areas and townships. The project aims to change the life of the ordinary girl from the township and rural areas, the African daughter, by providing practical and meaningful assistance, guidance and skills to girls participating in the project.

FOTAD, in existance since 2007, provides a vigorous annual programme wherein the girls are equipped with knowledge, invaluable skills and provided with academic support, via a range of activities, workshops and outings. FOTAD was borne out of the need for the African girl child to be in a safe environment, away from the streets, where she receives guidance, development and motivation in order to prepare her for a successful future. FOTAD provides the African daughter with alternatives to falling pregnant, engaging in premature sexual activities and hanging around the street by bridging the gap between role models and the girls and teaching them self responsibility and social responsibility.

Mrs Michelle Obama recognises the work done by FOTAD

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